The History of Helmet FAQ

In 2016, Daniel ST embarked on a mission to enhance motorcycle safety after a life-altering incident. Having endured a serious accident due to a low-quality helmet, which failed to adequately protect him, Daniel spent two arduous years in recovery. Determined to prevent others from suffering similar fates, he launched HelmetFAQ.com. Driven by his firsthand experience and fueled by a desire to spare fellow riders from avoidable harm, Daniel’s website offers free, comprehensive assistance. It stands as a testament to his resilience and altruism, providing invaluable resources to empower individuals in making informed helmet choices and safeguarding their journeys.

Our Mission and Goals

Safety Advocacy

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Community Engagement

Impactful Outreach

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Address: 3288 Pierce Street, Suite A-118, Richmond, California, 94804

Phone: (510) 526-6800

Email: contact@helmetfaq.com