Is the Captain America HJC Helmet Snell Approved?


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As a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with the iconic Captain America HJC helmet that pays tribute to the beloved Marvel superhero. However, a crucial question arises beyond its eye-catching design and fan appeal: Is the Captain America HJC helmet Snell approved?

In this blog post, we delve into helmet safety standards and explore whether this superhero-inspired headgear meets the rigorous criteria set by Snell, a renowned authority in helmet certifications.

Is the Captain America HJC Helmet Snell Approved?

Is the Captain America HJC Helmet Snell Approved?

Given that the Captain America HJC helmet draws inspiration from HJC’s CL-17 helmets, it inherits the Snell approval bestowed upon its counterpart. This means the helmet has undergone extensive testing and meets the requirements for optimal head protection.

In addition to it being Snell approved, it also meets the DOT standards. This ensures that this superhero-themed helmet meets both American and European standards. In addition, the helmet offers a wide range of sizes, catering to riders with head measurements ranging from XS all the way up to 2XL.

8 Impressive Features of the Captain America HJC Helmet

Now that you know that the Captain America HJC helmet is Snell approved, it’s also worth considering whether it’s what you want or not. Below are some top features of the Captain America HJC helmet:

1. Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell

The Captain America HJC Helmet features a lightweight, durable shell constructed using advanced CAD technology. This ensures a superior fit and comfort, allowing you to ride with ease and confidence. With its precision engineering, this helmet strikes the perfect balance between protection and weight, making it an ideal choice for extended rides.

2. “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

Stay cool and comfortable even during the hottest rides with the Captain America HJC Helmet’s “ACS” ventilation system. Designed to provide full front-to-back airflow, this system effectively flushes out heat and humidity, keeping your head fresh and dry. Say goodbye to stuffy helmets and enjoy the refreshing airflow that enhances your overall riding experience.

3. Optically Superior Pinlock-Prepared Faceshield

The Captain America HJC Helmet features an optically superior faceshield with a 3D design, offering an exceptional field of vision. This shield provides excellent UV protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful sun rays. Additionally, it is Pinlock-prepared, allowing you to easily attach a Pinlock lens for enhanced fog resistance.

4. Anti-Fog System

Say goodbye to foggy visors with the Captain America HJC Helmet’s anti-fog system. The helmet comes with a design meant to minimize fogging on the face shield. This feature ensures optimal visibility in diverse weather conditions. Ride confidently through misty mornings or sudden weather changes, as the anti-fog system helps maintain a clear and unobstructed view ahead.

5. Anti-Scratch Coating

The face shield of the Captain America HJC Helmet is equipped with an anti-scratch coating, providing excellent durability and preserving its clarity. This coating helps protect the shield from scratches caused by everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting visibility and maintaining a pristine appearance.

6. Rapid Fire Shield Replacement System

You can also enjoy hassle-free shield replacement with the Captain America HJC helmet rapid-fire shield replacement system. This user-friendly ratchet system allows for quick and toolless shield removal and installation, enabling efficient operation on the go. Easily adapt to changing light conditions or easily replace a damaged shield, ensuring uninterrupted rides.

7. Moisture-Wicking and Antibacterial Fabric

The interior of the Captain America HJC Helmet features moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabric, keeping you fresh and comfortable during long rides. This advanced fabric absorbs and dissipates moisture, helping to regulate temperature and prevent odor buildup. Users get to experience a clean and dry interior that promotes a hygienic environment throughout their journeys.

8. Removable and Washable Crown and Cheek Pads

Maintain a clean, fresh helmet interior with the Captain America HJC Helmet removable and washable crown and cheek pads. These pads can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free riding experience. Additionally, all Captain America HJC helmet cheek pads are interchangeable across all helmet sizes, allowing for personalized comfort and fit.

Why You Should Consider Wearing a Snell-Approved Helmet

Snell approval refers to the certification process conducted by the Snell Foundation, an independent organization dedicated to helmet safety. Snell approval indicates that a helmet has met or exceeded the rigorous safety standards set by the Foundation.

Snell standards are known for being more demanding than the minimum legal requirements. Helmets with the Snell certification provide you with the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Impact Protection

Snell-approved helmets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they provide superior impact protection. They are designed to withstand higher impact forces and reduce the risk of head injuries in case of accidents. Snell standards require helmets to meet strict criteria for impact absorption, ensuring maximum safety for riders.

2. Rigorous Testing Standards

Snell certification involves comprehensive testing procedures that go beyond minimum legal requirements. Snell performs various impact tests, including high-velocity impacts and penetration tests, to evaluate the helmet’s performance under extreme conditions. This thorough testing ensures that Snell-approved helmets provide an extra layer of protection.

3. Reliable Safety Performance

Snell certification signifies that a helmet has met or exceeded the stringent safety standards set by the Foundation. With Snell-approved helmets, riders can trust that the helmet has undergone extensive testing and evaluation, providing reliable protection on the road.

4. Trusted by Racing Organizations

Snell certification is highly regarded and trusted by professional racing organizations worldwide. Many racing events and organizations, including NASCAR and Formula One, require participants to wear Snell-approved helmets. Choosing a Snell-approved helmet ensures compliance with safety regulations and reflects a commitment to top-tier protection while riding.


Which is more important: Snell or DOT?

When it comes to helmet safety standards, the DOT (Department of Transportation) and Snell certification are two key benchmarks. While DOT standards are legally required for helmets sold in the US, meeting Snell requirements is optional. However, it’s worth noting that DOT’s test severities are often considered less stringent than Snell’s. Snell-certified helmets can meet both DOT and Snell impact attenuation requirements, ensuring superior protection in more severe impact scenarios.

Are all Snell helmets DOT approved?

No, not all Snell-certified motorcycle helmets are automatically DOT-approved. However, Snell-certified helmets sold in the United States must comply with the impact attenuation limits set by DOT. Similarly, Snell-certified helmets sold in Europe and other regions adhere to the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) 22-05 standard requirements. These local regulations ensure that Snell-certified helmets do not exceed the maximum impact thresholds their respective governing bodies set.

How can I know if my helmet is Snell certified?

Every Snell-certified helmet is required to carry a certification label inside. Manufacturers are obligated to include a serialized label inside each Snell-certified helmet. Look for a label attached to the interior of your helmet, usually on the liner or padding. This label serves as proof of Snell certification and confirms that the helmet has met the rigorous safety standards set by the Snell Foundation.

Final Thought

While the Captain America HJC helmet may not bear Snell’s approval, it offers numerous benefits, making it a compelling choice for riders. While Snell approval is an additional measure of helmet quality, it is important to consider the comprehensive features and certifications offered by the Captain America HJC helmet. Ultimately, riders should prioritize their needs, preferences, and local safety regulations when selecting a helmet that best suits their requirements.

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